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"Beautiful Eyes" Photo Entry

I love how the eyes are the focus in this photo, they just pop! So excited to finally doing another contest!


Have you ever met a toddler that you cannot get over how cute they are? Well, this was her! Such a little doll, with a ton of personality in a tiny little body. I have been photographing her since she was only a few days old, and she has grown into such an amazing little thing. She never once stopped moving, being a challenge, but totally worth it. Amazing photos!!Happy first year little Miss B, and to many more!

I now have an investment page!! I have been meaning to do this for a while now. I even got myself some of those fancy packages :) 

Running behind on my schedule and editing today. This little cutie patootie has not left my side this morning, not herself today :(

I was going to wait to share…….but that didn’t happen.

Going into this session, I had an interesting few days. But, within minutes of starting to shoot this family, they had made my day. They were so much fun, easy going and willing to try anything, not to mention their own ideas. The photos I posted are not my absolute favorites out of the session, but they are the ones that made me smile the biggest. 

Thank you guys for for being so awesome, and thank you so much for putting a smile on my face that day!

Happy Halloween, from our family to yours!

Meet the Pohlmann’s!

Congratulations on your new move, and I can’t wait to see!

The McKinnies Family!

Thank you guys for always being awesome! :)

This is totally the Kellets! Thanks for letting me have fun with you guys!

So… this was my first go at Pin Up/Boudoir, and I must say, I did not anticipate to enjoy it as much as I did. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!! I did everything from beginning to end. Research, make-up, hair, posing and finishing touches. 

This started with wanting to hand out flyers at an old car show here in Denver. I am not sure how successful the handouts were, but I had fun! Such a learning process.

Holden’s First Day of School! 

I had no clue how easy it would be for him, and how hard it would be for me :(

I am currently looking for fun, and outgoing Seniors to represent
Lesli Le Photography!
What is a Senior Rep ::
A senior rep is a spokesmodel for Lesli Le Photography. Their job is to pass out rep cards to their family and friends, and tell everyone how much they loved their portrait session with Lesli Le Photography. 
Details ::
 I only accept 2 Senior Rep models from each of the local high schools.
  • If you refer a classmate from your school who books and completes their session, you will receive a $25 print credit towards your portraits, OR a gift card to anywhere you would like.  I.E. itunes, amazon, you name it!      (2 referrals = $50, 3= $75, 4= $100, etc.)  Refer a friend from ANOTHER local high school and receive $50!
  • Any rep that refers 7+ classmates will receive an additional 20% off prints.
  • Reps must have a parent or guardian sign full model release for Lesli Le Photography to use images for advertising and marketing purposes.
 As a Senior Rep you will receive the following ::
  • FREE senior 30 minute mini session. In turn, I will be using your images for advertising, so I ask that you help to spread the word about Lesli Le Photography.  Feel free to suggest locations that fit your style and scream “this is ME”. This session is about YOU so it is my goal to do everything possible to capture images to make you feel like you just stepped out of a magazine!
  • FREE (Rep) Cards with your photos to hand out to friends. These cards also contain Lesli Le Photography information and are for you to pass out to your friends and family to earn print credit or cash on a gift card.
  • FREE 5 web-sized, low-resolution & watermarked images for you to use on Facebook or any other place you wish as long as the images are not altered in any way.
  • FREE print credit. To earn print credit, your referral must present your rep card at the time of booking and you will receive your credit upon completion of their senior photo shoot.
  • 10% OFF a session fee for your friends that present your rep card!
Rules ::
  • Parent’s permission is a must.
  • A signed model release is required so I can use your awesome images for marketing and advertising.
  • A promise to promote Lesli Le Photography and ONLY Lesli Le Photography… positively and exclusively. 
How do I participate ::
Contact me at
So, if you are a senior and are looking for something different or you are a parent looking to book your son/daughter’s Senior Portrait Session, THIS IS IT!
Space is limited so if you are interested or know someone who may be interested, DON’T WAIT! Contact me today! I am only accepting up to 2 Seniors per high school.
Will it cost you anything?
A $50.00 deposit to be paid before your short session
*Your deposit will be turned into a print credit after referring people who booked and paid sessions with Lesli Le Photography.
Parental consent is mandatory.
*** terms subject to change at any time.

#sdetour Yummm!!! Grubbing and learning! (Taken with Instagram)

My first canvas! I love it! (Taken with instagram)